On April 4-6, Malibu Lodge had 8 participants go through the National Leadership Seminar  (NLS) at Camp Pollock up in Lake Arrowhead. It was a weekend of fun and fellowship, as well as a 3-day intensive leadership program filled with keynote addresses, movie clips, role play, and group discussions. I think I can speak for all of our participants when I say that we all left as better leaders and Arrowmen.

NLS is an Order of the Arrow specific course and is put on by each region across the country. We met several national officers including the National, Southern, and Western Region Chiefs. We also got to meet Arrowmen from across the Western region, the furthest coming from Colorado.

Personally, I learned much about organizational leadership and breaking down situations.  I believe it will make me a better leader and Lodge Chief and it makes me even more excited for the rest of the year.

I hope to see as many Malibu Lodge members as possible attend NLS in the future because it truly is a great program that every Arrowmen should experience.


Matthias L.

Lodge Chief, Malibu Lodge



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Day 10: Today was awesome!!!  We slept in late and woke up to breakfast burritos! We went swimming for a little while, then went up to Thunder Point for a bit of solitude. John Morgan and Hickey took us out and separated us and left us to think for a few hours. After, we had lunch and canoe wars!!!  After a canoe capsized, we put them away and just swam for a while. When we got out, we did a communal dish- washing and then ate dinner. John Morgan scheduled a night paddle for us tomorrow. We’re getting up before dawn tomorrow in the hopes of making it at least 25 miles before calling it quits for the day. Only 3 1/2 more days of paddling left to go!!!

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Day 5: Happy Birthday to me!!!  It started out a sunny, but wet day. Thunderstorms had raged all night long, but a sunny day graced me as I walked outside my tent. I was greeted by a storm of ” Happy Birthdays ” and the smell of bacon. We set out after breakfast and I sterned the canoe almost flawlessly. I was told to portage the canoe again. It was just as hellish as yesterday. I began the day setting rocks. The rest of the foremen came by canoe and gave us beads, one for each day of the voyage. One of the foremen, Ryan, gave me a spoon even!  The rest of the day I hiked the trail clearing brush with the loppers. I got a free duff for my b-day too. I also got to pick the dinner: Spaghetti !!!  Hickey and John Morgan baked me a cake… kinda…  It was kinda gooey to say the least. But it was GOOD !!!!!  Thunder roared in the distance again, so we packed up and went to bed. Thus ending the fifth day.

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O.A.  Wilderness Adventure

by Jonathan E, Vigil Member, Achoicominga Chapter, Malibu Lodge
OA members in photo: Jason H, John S, Jonathan E, Matthew J, Matthew M, Andrew K, Tyler A, Hunter M. and Eric E.

OA members in photo: Jason H, John S, Jonathan E, Matthew J, Matthew M, Andrew K, Tyler A, Hunter M. and Eric E.

This summer I was able to attend the O.A. Wilderness Adventure at the BSA Northern Tier High Adventure Base along the Canadian border. Along with a crew of eight other arrowmen, our adventure lasted two weeks and we had the time of our lives. The following is from the log book we were all encouraged to complete to help us remember our experiences.

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Come on over and support WLACC’s Cub Parent Weekends. This is chance that arrowmen can show service and leadership to cub scouts from all around the area. To bring back to the cub scout program Malibu Lodge will be running a mini Native American Village. That will assist the cub scouts in completing simple crafts, having an adventure on a rope bridge, learning about a few Native American foods and having fun in the outdoors at our lovely council camps. The soonest weekend is April 20-22

Downloadable PDF including dates and other info here!

For more information contact Joe at  joe.pizzo@earthlink.net.