Come have fun at our annual halloween event at Camp Josepho! Play games, go through our haunted house, have lunch, and enjoy a spooky hike!

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11826049_870471639716030_3497053154911107307_nDuring the first week of August about 17,000 Arrowmen gathered at Michigan State University to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow and reflect on its history as well as prepare for its future. The week was filled with fun and excitement for everyone, from the new Arrowmen to the those who stood before the four principals many years ago. Over the course of the conference Arrowmen had the opportunity to learn a variety of skills from how to run an effective ordeal to how to make a roach and everything in between.

Almost every night Arrowmen were inspired at one of the  shows put on by the incredible shows staff made up of youth from across the country. The Breslin Center (Michigan States basketball stadium) was packed to full capacity every show, making for a truly awe inspiring sight. Alex Call, the 2015 national Chief of the Order of the Arrow issued a challenge to the Arrowmen in attendance as well as  those who were not. They were challenged to #daretodo in the 100 days following the conference. Each Arrowmen pledged to do one act of service per day, to change the world. At the conference those in attendance also had the unique opportunity to meet those holding the highest positions in Scouting, the OA, and in the business world. From the key 3 of Scouting to the CEO of ExxonMobil and even an Astronaut, all Eagle Scouts and Arrowmen.11870874_870465623049965_2622580967094922797_n

Arrowmen left the conference inspired, tired, and ready for the next 100 years of the Order of the Arrow.


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Come complete your fall Induction Weekend at Camp Josepho on September 11th.

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Come represent Malibu Lodge at the Section W-4N Conclave in September.  Register at

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Do you think your Chapter is the best in the Lodge? Well then come on down to fellowship and prove it. Compete against the other Chapters in various games and competitions. Also rout on your Chapters ceremonies team as they compete as well. There will also be time to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, during a Native American dance workshop, and the staple of the weekend: MOVIE NIGHT!

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Congratulations, new candidates on your election into the Order of The Arrow.  Please read our Lodge Ordeal Letter.  Your next step is to complete your Ordeal Induction Weekend.  There are two opportunities in May to do this.  The first one, Friday, 5/15/2015, at Camp Whitsett, and the second, Friday, 5/29/2015, at Camp Josepho.  Registration is available on the Lodge Events page of our website.  Please register soon.


Malibu Lodge and WLACC are excited to announce it will celebrate the Order of the Arrow’s centennial as an ArrowTour host. ArrowTour is an interactive event for Scouts, volunteers, and Scouting alumni that will travel throughout the country during the summer of 2015. The tour will make a stop on Sunday July 12th at Camp Whitsett. The purpose of the tour is to commemorate the Order of the Arrow’s 100th anniversary. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the Order of the Arrow, its story, and its future. Some of the program highlights include interactive exhibits, activities such as silk-screening and branding, and challenge games. Participants will have a chance to meet some of the Order’s national leaders, and alumni can learn about the Scouting Alumni Association and local alumni efforts to supporting Scouting in our area.
An exclusive ArrowTour Trading Post will carry ArrowTour and OA centennial merchandise. The Order of the Arrow will split the trading post proceeds with Camp Whitsett.  The program will conclude with a special show that recognizes the Order’s rich history and empowers participants to help shape the organization’s future. The Order of the Arrow is creating a truly unique and interactive experience for all Scouts, volunteers, and Scouting alumni.
The tour will open at 2:00pm and will conclude at 7:00pm.
You can find more information about the ArrowTour routes and program on the web at You can also keep up with the tour as it makes its way around the country by following @ArrowTour on Twitter. Keep in touch on the Lodge side of things by Liking Malibu Lodge on Facebook and Following us on Instagram @malibulodge



By Matthias L.

Last Summer I was able to go through one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences of my life. For two weeks in the middle of July I volunteered for the United States Forest Service and battled through the wilderness of the U.S. – Canada border in northern Minnesota.

The days were long and the nights were short. For the first week my crew of 6 Arrowmen and 2 foremen from around the country: Virginia, Georgia, Florida, California, Indiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, and me from California as well worked 10 hour days. Our mission: to restore and maintain portage trails in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area. The OA is known as the “Brotherhood of Cheerful Service” because members of the OA commit themselves to the selfless service of others; for the first week we showed why the OA is known for that. We built retaining walls, sledge-hammered big rocks into little rocks and generally performed backbreaking work from dawn till dusk.  DSCN7148

After the week of Forest Service work, my crew was free to set off on our own adventure.  We paddled for 80 miles across breathtaking lake after breathtaking lake. This wonderful trip was by no means easy.  We were constantly feasted upon by mosquitos, our shoulders ached from paddling and our feet never dried.  For someone that has lived almost his entire life in suburban Los Angeles, it was a shock and was emotionally exhausting.

Paddling for three hours and then carrying an 80-pound canoe on my shoulders for a 5 mile portage was not so fun for the body or the spirit in the moment.  The feeling I got though when we arrived at our campsite after a long day was incredible.  Even though each day was both physically and mentally grueling, it was the greatest experience of my life that I would not trade for anything. although it was no “cruise” the two weeks instilled in me an iron resolve and a strong work ethic.  It also taught me great leadership skills as I took my turn in rotation as crew leader.  The lessons and friends I took home from this trip I will never forget as I look back and say to myself, “Yeah, I did that!” I encourage every Arrowmen who is reading this to consider going to one of the High Adventure bases especially Northern Tier, you won’t regret it, it will be the best decision you ever make.

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On March 14th from 7:00am to 5:00 in Monrovia at Rosemead High School (9063 Mission Drive, Rosemead, CA) Council and district leaders from across Southern California are coming together for the Southern California Commissioners College. 
Here they are going to learn all the ins and outs of becoming an effective leader in their councils or districts. One of the class sessions will be about The Order of the Arrow and having a healthy relationship with their Lodges and chapters: taught by our very own Dr. Steve Jacobs.
Malibu Lodge will be representing all of the OA in southern California. We need Arrowmen out there supporting Dr. Jacobs at his class and afterwards to answer any questions. It is a great honor to represent the OA at the SCCC, so lets put on a good show.

If you can go please RSVP to Lodge Chief  Matthias L. at


ArrowTour is one of many programs and initiatives that comprise a year-long celebration of the Order of the Arrow’s centennial anniversary. In the summer of 2015, four delegations of youth Arrowmen will travel to council camps and Scouting events to bring our national centennial experience to Scouts, Arrowmen, and communities throughout the country.

ArrowTour will provide opportunities to reflect, connect, and discover the Order’s Centuries of Service, both past and future. The Order of the Arrow is excited to partner with councils to provide this program accessory at Boy Scout summer camps, service centers, and Scouting events.