2017 Lodge Officers

  • Lodge Chief – Tyler G.
  • 1st Lodge Vice Chief – Theo L.
  • 2nd Lodge Vice Chief – Reed H.
  • 3rd Lodge Vice Chief – Andrew M.
  • Lodge Secretary – Alex M.
  • Lodge Medicine Man / Past Lodge Chief: Ian H.

Officer Bios

Tyler G – Lodge Chief

tylergHey Malibu brothers, my name is Tyler and I will be serving as your 2017 Malibu Lodge Chief. I have been in scouting since 2007 and I earned my Eagle Scout in 2013. I am currently in Troop 10 in the Balboa Oaks district earning additional Eagle Palms. I am also part of both Venturing and Sea Scouts while holding a position in the Council Venturing Officers Association. I am also part of the Western Region Communications Team and the National Local Features Team. I have been to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference, and the NEXT conference. I have been in our Order since 2013 and I obtained the Brotherhood Honor in 2014. In the past, I have served as the Achoicominga Chapter Chief and the Malibu Lodge 1st Vice Chief. Outside of scouting, I enjoy doing things such as hiking or camping with some friends or hanging out with other friends playing video games. I am in the 11th grade and in school, I enjoy the subjects of math and physics. For this upcoming year I hope to improve communications throughout the lodge and with our units, begin to form vice chief committees, and work to plan some great 75th anniversary activities and events to celebrate our Order in Los Angeles.

Theo L. – Lodge 1st Vice Chief

theolHey Malibu brothers, my name is Theo and I will be serving as your 2017 Malibu Lodge 1st Vice Chief. I am sixteen years old and have been in scouting for ten years. I have worked my way up through the ranks from being a Tiger cub to earning my Arrow of Light award to being a life scout of Troop 139 in the Cahuenga District. I was elected to join our Order in the Spring of 2014, went through my Induction Weekend in the Fall of 2014 and received the Brotherhood honor in 2015. I was elected Chapter Chief at my first chapter meeting and was re-elected for a second term. I’ve managed to heighten meeting and event attendance as well as the number of unit elections held. I’ve been to numerous national events including the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference, PRISM, and the OA Summit Experience. I plan to make sure that all the arrowmen of this great lodge are well informed about and have a great time at the events in the upcoming year.

Reed H. – Lodge 2nd Vice Chief

reedhHey Malibu brothers, my name is Reed and I will be serving as your 2017 Malibu Lodge 2nd Vice Chief. I first joined scouting in 2008 as a Bear Scout and climbed through the ranks of Cub Scouting until I became a Boy Scout. When I became a Boy Scout I remember that all I wanted to do was join the Order of the Arrow. I had seen them do dances at my district’s camporee and thought that what they did was very cool. My brother at the time was a part of the Order and he would always speak highly of it. When I finally met the requirements to join and finished my Ordeal, I couldn’t wait to start attending Lodge and Chapter events. I started making and reconnecting with old friends and learned leadership skills that proved to be very useful in and out of scouting. Being a part of the Order presented me with amazing opportunities such as attending the 2015 NOAC and being a part of the Camp Whitsett Staff this past summer. I was called out by the Vigil Honor at this past Lodge Banquet. Being a part of the OA is something that I would encourage all Boy Scouts to do if they are given the opportunity.

Andrew M. – Lodge 3rd Vice Chief

andrehHey Malibu brothers, my name is Andrew and I will be serving as your 2017 Malibu Lodge 3rd Vice Chief. As of September of 2016, I am an Eagle Scout of Troop 10. I am a Vigil Honor member of Malibu Lodge and current Vigil Chief. I am 18 years old.  I am currently attending College of the Canyons and play guitar in the Jazz band. My hobbies consist of guitar playing, food eating, and underwater nighttime basket weaving. My scouting career began as a Cub Scout in Pack 415 as a Wolf Cub. My den dissolved after I bridged to Bears, so I moved to Pack 911 and continued Scouting. I bridged to Troop 10 where I stayed and held numerous leadership positions, such as SPL three times, JASM, ASPL, Patrol Leader, Guide, and OA Rep to start. I have been in the OA for 4 years in Achoicominga chapter. I am a brotherhood ceremonialist, as well as the Vigil Chief. I am a grass dancer, from which my vigil name Gentgeen, or “dancer,” comes from. This term I intended to bring together ceremonialists and dancers from other chapters together to make Lodge teams, while using resources and knowledge from across the lodge for training and regalia making.

Alex M. – Lodge Secretary

alexmHey Malibu brothers, my name is Alex and I will be serving as your 2017 Malibu Lodge Secretary. I have been a part of scouting for the past 13 years and earned the rank of Eagle in 2015. I am currently a Brotherhood member from the Achoicominga chapter in Balboa Oaks. I spent many years in this program, and soon it will be up to those who are just coming into the Brotherhood to help serve our great lodge. As my part in the OA has changed a while over the past 4 years, I have finally reached my last year as a Youth+ and will be moving on to being an adult member next August. But before I go, might as well go out with a bang. My only wish is to make it easier for the next Secretary to come in and do a great job next term.

Ian H. – Lodge Medicine Man/Immediate Past Chief

ianhHey Malibu brothers, my name is Ian Hammock and I served as Lodge Chief in 2016 and in this upcoming year I will serve as the Lodge Medicine Man. I am an Eagle Scout and a became Vigil in 2014. My vigil name translates to Humble Turtle. I’ve been on the LEC since 2012 and I hope to give advice and insight to this year’s LEC to make 2017 a year full of great success and innovation.


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