Registration is now open for our 2017 Lodge Fellowship. The link to follow is:

If you wish to stay overnight please select either New Member Service (for those how went through their Induction this year) or member service (for those who went through their Induction prior to this year). If you are unable to stay overnight or the overnight spots reach their limit of 50 please select an option that says “not staying for Sunday breakfast.”

If you are a new arrowman or just wondering which event you should go to. Look no further! Lodge Fellowship is the best your Lodge has to offer. Some things you can expect from this event are: Games on the beach, a fellowship barbecue, the new Malibu Lodge rededication ceremony and the opportunity to bond with our brothers from the Topa Topa Lodge who will be joining us.

More information will be sent out as we get closer to the event including, how parking will work and more details on the food.



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